Cox Sackie Virus Pictures

Pictures Of Coxsackie Rash

Hand Foot And Mouth Disease
Hand Foot And Mouth Disease

Hand Foot And Small
Coxsackie Virus Hand Foot And Mouth
Coxsackie Virus Hand Foot And Mouth

Coxsackievirus Infections Small
Coxsackie Virus Wikipedia
Coxsackie Virus Wikipedia

Coxsackie Virus B Small

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Ruth Antonowich ARNP says:

Don't let Mom distract you with thought that her child has Chickenpox; when you see classic blister rash in locations classic for HFM virus. Remember age infant to < 5y/o. Get a stool sample or rectal swab for confirmation. Treat suportively and stress hand washing and separate personal items.

Ashley says:

I am 23 year old and I have coxsackie virus. I have it on my hands and feet and face. it really sucks cause it itches and hurts to walk.

albert torres says:

I got this on my hands and feet its very itchy...I need some meds please!!! What can i take to get rid of it??dont know from who or what I got from...I hate it!!

juanita campher says:

I'm a daycare mother at c creche and its the 3rd child in this school that had this symptoms..but 1 of them don't have it under their feet???but 2 was hospitalised.the baby in my care hav it and his dr says:"its not serious??"How prevend I that the other kids don't get it?must the baby stays at home???can you plese answer me via email if that's ohk....THANK YOU....

mari says:

my baby is 1yr. She has it mild, my pediatrician prescribed her "pink magic" and tylenol for the pain and fever. At first I thought she was teething badly... she stop eating and took her to doc. It lasted 3days.

Yvette Roux says:

I was at casualties on Monday.very high fever and blood tests said viral infection.on Wednesday blisters under skin on my feet and hands and throat was very sore. The Dr said I was allergic to some of the meds!I spoke to a friend and she mentioned the virus.I googled it and voila.I'm wearing gloves around my 1yr7mnth old girl.can hardly walk but they assured me it takes about 10days to past. 8days to go I guess.wich they could find a cure or prevention! I'm in SA by the way.

Tanya says:

My one year old has this. Took her to the doctor who initally told me that I bathe her too often so the exzema was at its worse. I push back on that and she really looked at my child better. I hate it when the experts dismiss our concerns.

Olivia says:

Just found out today that my toddler has this virus, so im doing a bit of research

Cassandra says:

I have had these types of sores on my hands for months and have went to the physician about them several times. It was looked over and passed as scabies or an allergic reaction to the detergents I have been using. Now my 7 yr. old has this on his hands!

brooke says:

My child had it and it was only on his bottom area.

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